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Body polishing is the common term used for what is called a body scrub. It is a skin exfoliation that gets rid of all the dead skin cells off your body, leaving it smoother and softer. It not only makes your skin feel good but enhances the natural flow of circulation and bodily fluids within your body. This creates an opportunity for fresh new cells to regenerate and leaves you looking and feeling fabulous.

The scrubs you can choose from are:

Sesame softening scrub

45 mins

Honey and Sesame scrub is a full body scrub that is ideal for dry to normal skin. The sesame, rich in proteins, gently exfoliates your skin, while the honey retains moisture in your skin leaving it baby soft and protects the skin against wrinkles and dryness.

Coco coffee scrub

45 mins

The natural minerals of coffee work on the dead layers of skin and is the best option for use on cellulite prone areas of the body, while the natural coconut flesh makes it a perfect scrub for dry to normal skin. This type of body scrub is great if you love the smell of coffee, too.


30 mins

Excellent sources of vitamin E and C, oats has anti inflammatory properties and helps combat dry skin problems, while the natural extracts of the tamarind work as a natural skin peel that helps lighten acne and dark spots.


60/90 mins

Using gram flour and sandal wood for skin care is an age old tradition in India. With the added benefit of aroma; sandalwood has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin and acts as an anti-bacterial, preventing acne. Gram flour mainly deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin, leaving the skin smooth and bright, with a translucent quality.


What others said about US

  • This massage with or without oil, concentrates on the head,neck and shoulder areas to get rid of nervous tension,release built up toxins and relieve tried muscles.

  • This massage with or without oil,concentrates on the head, neck and shoulder areas to get rid of nervous tension, release built up toxins and relieve tried muscles.