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Itís been a very short journey since July 2007 and the Fifth Element Spa has already opened 4th branch (3 in Bangalore and 1 in Hyderabad). The secret of the fast expansion is the quality of Treatment. This spa does not try to give you a glimpse of all kind of treatments available in the world, but fully concentrates on THAI way of treatments. The menu is inherited out of Thai basics. The intention is to get the complete Thai Experience in our own cities. To maintain the authenticity of Thai Treatments, we also have Thai therapists in our crew who provide training to rest of the team.

Kay, co-owner says, "The 5th Element is a Body Spa centre and not a massage parlor. We are happy to see that the clients that come to the spa are aware of the benefits of a spa treatment and have in fact increased their regularity once they have felt the difference it makes to their everyday lives."

Pankaj, co-owner says, "Our spa is definitely the best when it comes to authenticity of a Thai Spa. It's a complete experience, which makes the difference. It's a must visit for all those who are looking out for a complete body care treatment"



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  • This massage with or without oil, concentrates on the head,neck and shoulder areas to get rid of nervous tension,release built up toxins and relieve tried muscles.

  • This massage with or without oil,concentrates on the head, neck and shoulder areas to get rid of nervous tension, release built up toxins and relieve tried muscles.